This book by Steven Anthony Molina is a beacon of light to reveal to you the powerful remedy that lies in juicing; using the juice of plants and fruits to cure many complicated ailments.
The book is based on personal experience of the author’s encounter with cystic fibrosis among other conditions and how he used different methods to fight them and how he finally discovered juicing and everything changed thereafter; how the medical doctors failed and how juicing led him out of a diseased life of agony into a complete state of health.
You will also be opened to various methods of effective juicing and get to know what type of juicing needed by different types of people for varying types of ailments.
There have been so many criticisms against juicing especially from the medical experts. The major argument being its unreliability or less reliability compared to modern day drugs. This book will help you know the truth about that by debunking that notion based on scholarly evidence and personal experience.
After reading this book, many myths about juicing will be made crystal-clear to you and it will help you decide if you should consider it for your own use. It will also help demystify the process of juicing as against what you read in other books which will still leave you in a state of mystery after reading.
Juice cleansing which is also known by other nomenclatures such as “juice fasting”, “juice feasting” and “juice diet” refers to a mode of nutrition and detox diet which involves the exclusive consumption of juices from vegetable and fruits for the supply of nutrients thereby staying away from the eating of regular food.  In the case of “juice feasting”, the fruits and vegetables will be eaten fresh instead of being drunk as juices.
The main idea behind this is to achieve the hydration of your body cells with vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals, all which you don’t get from regular cooked meals.
Anyone who is carrying out juice cleansing is expected to take only fluids such as vegetable juices and fresh fruit possible thrice daily in substitution for their normal breakfast, lunch and dinner solid food.
One should possibly drink around 1-2 liters/quarts daily. Some people also recommend that one should drink herbal teas, vegetable soups and plenty of water in between meals. Basically, all you take should be purely fluids.
Executing this type of diet, may speed up healing reactions in your body far more than you can imagine.
Some people are also of the opinion that you can still decide to eat fresh raw plant after the juice drinking since the idea is not to stay hungry but to make sure your diet comprises mainly of fruit and vegetable juices.
This enables you to eliminate other harmful foods from your diet, like: sugar and flour products, dairy ad meat products, deep-fried and processed foods, caffeine and alcohol etc.
What juicing really does for you is to separate the bulk of the nutrients from the pulp which retains it from the liquid part. Anytime we are eating whole foods, the pulp (fiber) has to be broken down when it gets into our bodies for the nutrients to be absorbed and used by our system. So what juicing does is to help in the immediate availability of the nutrients to the body immediately you drink the juices.
When you juice, it makes it possible for you to get much more vegetables and fruits into your body all at once than you would have ordinarily been able to if you ate them. At times, you can make up for a good amount of fruits and vegetables than most people will be able to just by taking a cup of juice.
What are those things you will need to begin this amazing juice cleansing adventure?
One of the foremost things you will need to start is a good juicer. We have various types of juicers in the market and if you are not well-grounded in the types and specifications, you may pick the wrong one, in terms of suitability, durability, etc., or otherwise.
Apart from having a good juicer, you will also need to get a cutting board for cutting up your fruits and vegetables on. You will also need a knife. You may also need to get some sort of container to store up your juices if you are not drinking all immediately and plan to keep for it for a later time.
The best way to derive maximum benefits from your vegetable and fruit juice in terms of freshness and nutritional value is to drink it as soon as you prepare it. Even if it happens that some of us want to enjoy juice throughout the day but we do not have the time to keep preparing some all day, we still need to take the best precautions when storing our juices.
Many of us hear and see all the hype about juice cleansing and the immense benefits inherent in the practice but still wondering, “What’s the catch?”; we are wondering what is so special about the practice. A lot of benefits are in this amazing practice I must confess.
You may have been hearing about juice cleansing casually and do not really know why it is something worth doing, this chapter will tell why it should be a part of your diet and a major part of your lifestyle generally. This chapter will furnish you with enough information to guide you in making decision about why juice cleansing is good for you and why it is a guarantee of good health.
Some of the basic reasons why people engage in juice cleansing is the need to lose weight, detoxifying their body system, renewal of energy, and as means of healing some illnesses and taking care and prevention of health problems. Other therapeutic benefits derivable from juice cleansing include repair and boosting of self esteem, rehabilitation from addictions and breaking away from away from harmful habits such as smoking, alcoholism, etc. Some other practice it for the more general purpose of changing taste and adapting their taste buds to crave more for healthy foods as opposed to junk foods, and taking control of their general health.
Before we go into a detailed discussion of each of these reasons mentioned above, let us first look into the background to the conditions that led to these situations.
Over the centuries, the earth has gradually become more of a toxic environment due to increasing industrial activities and technological development. These activities have great effects on our environment and are also passed into our bodies through what we take in; the food and air we take in especially.
It is common knowledge that these harmful substances called toxins are more available to people living in the urban areas and most are not even aware of that. Here is where we have most automobiles, machineries, factories, etc., that release harmful gases such as hydrogen monoxide from their exhaust fumes. People in the urban areas are also the largest users of pesticides and insecticides, explosives and other substances which have a negative aftermath on our health. Consequentially, this make us face the most danger in the health dangers involved in the intake of these harmful substances in our daily lives.
Most of us do not even now that stress is toxic to our body.  Research has continuously made us realize that stress alongside anxiety is a very great contributor to weight gain, disease and other health defects that affect human life. The contemporary world we live in has, as a matter of fact become more complex due to more commercial, technological and social activities which as ridden our society making people engage in more activities than normal depending on their ability to multitask. Obviously, most of us overdo this thereby giving the body too much than it can chew and this leads to stress, fatigue and anxiety.
Stress not only causes fatigue and anxiety but also reduces the power of our immune system. The consequence of this weakness to our immune system is the easy entrance of diseases to our body.
Engaging in juice cleansing is very potent means of removing toxic waste and energy from our body and also keeps our immune system strong. We will have a detailed discussion on this when we get to talk about detoxification below.
We have so many reasons and classes of persons who require juice cleansing.  In the following paragraphs, we are going to expatiate on those conditions that can warrant juice cleansing and those people affected. Also, there are classes of people who should avoid juice cleansing due to certain peculiarities they have or the harmful effect it could have on a third party through them. It may also be that these people are just to stay away from it temporarily; we are going to talk about how and when they should resume juicing.