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How You Can Self Heal

By rejuvejuice Admin

How You Can Self Heal

Self-healing refers to doing things that will cause your internal system to function better and heal faster and thoroughly. The body is a self-healing mechanism which can be able to heal itself and bring back functioning properly and balance. It is a process that is directed and motivated by an individual and guided by their instinct where one learns that they don’t have to rely on medication at all times but they learn to create physical and mental relaxation and balance. When these are combined with meditation, self-hypnosis, guided imagery and prayer, they become important tools for keeping well.

Self-healing is not a one-time thing, rather it is a  journey that one takes on a daily basis so as to achieve their desired results and make changes in their physical, mental, and spiritual life. The value of self-healing lies in the ability that it can be tailored according to an individual’s experience and requirements.  It involves tuning into the true needs of your body, mind, spirit and soul, behave wisely and making wise choices about your life, for example, exercising the right way, eating the right way and sleeping right. The absence of faith and disorders of the spirit can be self-healed.

During the self-healing time, one focuses on harmony, peace, love, beauty and other similar experiences and with deep relaxation and meditation, this will help eliminate distractions.  You accept yourself exactly as you are and accept the world just as it is at that moment and instead, fill your mind with things that you are grateful for in your life, giving thanks and feeling gratitude in your body. You visualize your body, healing it, becoming more functional and whole and then you become happy, well and healthy.

The self-healing process becomes more strong and steady if you practice more and use your positive intention or energy to hear your inner voice. There are forces that exist and energy that is created to affect self-healing and it aims to give our physical, emotional and spiritual existence.

Seven essential self-healing are:

Knowledge- know your body, the role of your beliefs and emotion plays in the functioning of your body and ways that you can use to bring greater health and wellness of your being.

Self-awareness- be aware of your body, thought patterns, emotions and spiritual dimensions.

Self-love- have the ability to receive and care for yourself with kindness.

Motivation- has a strong desire to have a greater wellbeing and health so as to be motivated by which action to take.

Courage- has the courage to move out of your comfort zone and experiences of being a changed individual

Self-authority- being responsible for the decisions that you make regarding self-care instead relying solely on the opinion of others.

Self-care- choosing to take the practical steps to self-healing is important and with the above, you are assured to do it in an effective consistent way.


Now that you know that you have the power to help your body to heal, you need to focus so as to access your self-healing potential and accelerate your healing process.  Some of the things that you need to focus on includes:

Find a reason why you need to heal and focus on the stuff that makes life worth living and the more reasons you have the better.  Forgive the wrongs and hurts of the past that are holding your body hostage hence have a negative impact on your health. 

Forgiveness is about letting go of beliefs and emotions that make you sick and when you have done this you will be able to focus on new positive thoughts.

Focus on healing rather than on the disease and know that your body can heal you from diseases hence returning to good health. Your body follows your mind and your thoughts and feelings feed your body and tell it how it should act so your mind should be focusing on health.


Give specific orders to your mind and body on what you want it to do such as tell the body to create an inner peace when you have emotional challenges.

You need to see the disease as an opportunity to grow and learn. Your body will be giving different messages through the symptoms so you get to find a way to heal these conflicts and emotions so that your mind and body focus on self-healing.
Never give up on trust and hope that your body will heal itself and surround yourself with positive thoughts, people a health-affirming messaged.  Avoid buying into negative statistics and thoughts.

Relaxation exercises and meditation need to be sued daily for self-healing and treatment.  Relaxing the mind and body activates the immune system and doing it for at least 30 minutes a day will make a great difference. Breathing exercises are a way of relaxing and breathing is used to lower blood pressure, improve blood and oxygen circulation, increase energy and beat anxiety disorders.

Self-healing goes hand in hand with proper nutritional and sufficient rest. Listen to your body needs and honor them and this will increase the ability of the body to receive love, care, healing, nurturing, support and care hence opening up to emotional physical and spiritual healing.

Feed your body with harmony, joy, and laughter as they have enormous healing benefits. Say yes to health, yes to greater joy living within you and yes to the magic of healing powers.

It is crucial for one to be able to reach out and receive help for healing.

Develop and exercise the ability to self-heal and this will bring a more lasting and significant change.

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