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Adopting the Raw Food Mindset

By rejuvejuice Admin

Adopting the Raw Food Mindset

Adopting the Raw Food Mindset

Raw foods are a clean way of living. Everything you ingest is in its natural form. The meals are eaten fresh, dried or dehydrated. Exploring this kind of living can pose its own challenges however it can be an otherwise rewarding undertaking to your mind, body, and soul.

The raw food diet is in a nutshell, a complete lifestyle change and it takes an adjustment to a specific mindset. You are probably at a point in your life where you know that something has got to give. You might be struggling with your weight, fitness level or maybe, you have made a resolution to go green for a cleaner, healthier way of living, but something seems to hold you back.

I recently read a fascinating book called the Gorilla mindset. Basically, this book gives you an insight into some practical steps that you can take to adopt a system (of living e.g.), coupled with a specific mindset and habit. This can help you change the way you feel, think and live your life. You become more focused because your thinking is clear. You will have a deeper understanding of what needs to change in your life and what steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

When I think about animals and their animalistic environment, I imagine how free and inhibited they are. Living a life with no boundaries, nothing holds them back and they literally dominate their entire existence and their way of life.

Raw Food Mindset:

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so is adjusting to a new way of living. Your mind and body is used to particular tastes and smells of cooked food. It will take time for your body to adjust without the taste of oil, sugar, salt and even spices.

This is a gradual process. Remember that you are liberating yourself from an old lifestyle into a new one. Think of the health benefits of the raw food diet as your ultimate motivator:

• Start by having a selection of raw vegetables or fruits with your meals: For breakfast, try some raw oats in natural yogurt, berries and a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice – This meal is jam-packed with fiber, protein, antioxidants and vitamins.

Try a whole-meal, tomato, beetroot, spinach sandwich with a banana. Beetroot and Spinach are superfoods! For a snack, try a handful of raw nuts or dried fruits. Remember to stay hydrated at all times. Water is your friend. Almond or rice milk can be an acquired taste but, they are packed with essential nutrients.

Benefits of The Raw Food Mindset and Living:

1. You will experience an increased level of energy throughout your day because of you 're eating foods that are extremely high in vitamins, minerals, and good fats.

2. Say goodbye to the doctor's office because your health will improve and you will reduce the chances of getting diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

3. Because raw foods don’t have saturated fats, you will notice an improved appearance on your skin, your weight, and your digestion.

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