My experience with cryotherapy and ice baths

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My experience with cryotherapy and ice baths

Isn’t it surprising how some people can withstand extremely cold or hot temperatures without blinking? There is no magic in their acts. According to Wim Hof, it is all about inner power. This is the motivation that drove him to develop the wim hof: ice baths, cold training program. This is a progressive program that will see you eventually take an ice bath shower. It targets both your psychological and mental strength which will be transferred to other aspects of your life. But what is this program and what are you expected to achieve?

Who is Wim Hof?

Wim Hof is also referred to as the ‘Dutch Daredevil’ or the ‘Iceman’. He has a documented amazing ability to survive extreme cold exposure. He says that his secret is to use breathing techniques, meditation and continued exposure. The aim is to expose the human body to conditions of forefathers who crossed the alps dressed in animal skins and fought off lions with sticks and at times, bare hands. In his view, it is the love for comfort that has made human being so weak that they cannot withstand certain temperatures.

2012 was a defining moment for Hof. Under the glare of cameras, his assertion was tested with Austin taking a similar challenge. Both of them were submerged in a tank that was filled in ice and their body surface temperature measured. They were submerged for 20 minutes. Austin recorded a drop in body surface temperature by 4 degrees. However, Wim Hof maintained the temperature of his body and managed to stay submerged for 90 minutes. His heart rate did not change either.

How Ice Bath and Cold Training Works

From the onset, it should be known that practice, trial and demonstration sessions should be done in a safe environment. There are instances of people who died attempting the stunts without proper equipment or in the wrong places. That said, what does this program entail?

Wim Hof promises three things when you take up and complete this training.

• Better focus
• Reduced stress levels
• Inner strength
Wim Hof argues that human beings go through life in a mundane way. They fail to expose their bodies to certain environments, which would otherwise enable them to endure the most extreme conditions. The other challenge is that the oxygen human being are drawing is exposes them to health risks like acidity of the body. If a person can breathe enough oxygen, he can make the body alkaline to boost the immune system. In this search for comfort, human beings are unable to accomplish their potential.

The Wim Hof Course

The course takes ten weeks where you are taken through step by step breathing, exercises and ice training by the Ice Man himself. Part of the package includes
• A video program covering ten weeks of ice training under Hof
• A precise and clear workbook to track your progress
• You have lifetime access to the program which allows you to adhere to the program for your entire life
• The program is available on all devices including laptops, desktop, mobile devices, tablets, etc.
• Constant interaction through facebook and other social media sites where you can ask all the questions, share experiences and interact with people of like minds.
The Pillars of Wim Hof Program
• Cold Therapy- you are taught how to utilize cold in order to enhance the capability of your body. Cold offers several benefits to your body including boosting your immune system, burning fat, improving sleep, increasing hormone levels, reducing inflammation levels and above all boosting the level of feel good chemical in your body that boosts your mood.
• Breathing- shallow breathing is the order of the day for most people. This results in low energy levels and general poor health. This course teaches you scientifically proven breathing techniques aimed at detoxifying the body, spiking your energy levels, helping to eliminate toxins and relieving body tension and stress.
• Commitment- learning these techniques requires a lot of commitment. If you are to breathe properly, you will delve into the depths of your psychology and ignite your potential.

What Can You Expect Once You Go Through The Wim Hof Method?

• First 30-60 seconds- pumping the vital oxygen needed in your body. This eliminates the toxic carbon dioxide gas that floods your body. It gives you an alkaline body that has numerous health benefits.

• 1-3 minutes- still breathing. This comes with a still or calm mind that results in inner peace. It lowers oxygen tension in your blood which causes the brain to awaken every cell which resets your body, bringing back harmony.

• 2-3 minutes- Energy Rush. Deep breathing sends more oxygen to your lungs igniting a euphoric feel and burst of energy.

• 3-20 Minutes- repeating the above exercises leaves you more relaxed, alert and energized. By engaging in a little more exercises and stretching, you strengthen you muscles and create a more fit and toned body.

• 20-25 Minutes - Cold therapy- it comes in the form of cold showers. The body switches to survival mode. This will improve efficiency of your metabolic system, which is a crucial health marker, raise your testosterone and growth hormones as well as lower inflammation by release of feel good hormone.

• 30-60 Minutes- Viva Las Vagus- cold treatment controls your vagus and autonomic nervous system. This provides treatment for some of the most severed disease. Luckily, there are no side effects.

• 60 min and more- it creates a super human through control of immune system, change of core body temperature and burning fat. This will also reduce inflammation, stress and enable you to summon inner strength or energy at will.

Are There Known Cases Of Success With Wim Hof: Ice Baths, Cold Training

There is evidence of relief from and even total recovery for persons who were suffering from inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Wim advocates for you to follow the procedure and take necessary precautions. The program provides all the information you need to turn yourself into a super human. It can be purchased online from any location at an affordable rate.